Career Advice From a 23-Year Veteran of the Same Company

Business success is something all entrepreneurs want to have, but not everyone achieves it. If you have hopes to succeed in the industry, you should take some advice from a 23-year veteran of the same company, a woman named Patty Juarez. Several decades ago, Juarez was an immigrant in the United States. The odds were stacked against her as a woman of color, but that did not stop her from trying hard, putting in as much effort as possible to get her business to grow even further. One of the things she highly recommends is to find something you love because if you love doing it, you will put your all into it and will do it for years to come.


Juarez realizes that many business owners struggle to get things going because they do not have access to funds to get everything they need. She knows how important it is to have working capital and suggests that all entrepreneurs develop a detailed business plan that includes information on the different ways they will work on getting funding for their startups. She encourages entrepreneurs to take advantage of grants and funding opportunities that may be offered to them while also making wise decisions when applying for loans and business credit cards. Juarez admits that it is most challenging and complicated in the beginning, but she believes if people want it badly enough, they are not going to let a few small obstacles come between them and the business they want to run.


In addition to acknowledging the need for funds to get a business started, Juarez provides additional advice for business success. She encourages those who do receive funding to make sure they are spending wisely. It may not seem like a big deal, but even the small expenses add up, and you need to make sure that the money you are spending is being wisely invested into products or tools that are going to help you get your business running and growing over the next several years. Keep track of all spending and stay aware of where your money is going.


You can have business success if you are making the right decisions. Patty Juarez, a successful business woman, provides some helpful tips and suggestions to those looking to start their own companies. If you follow her advice, which includes coming up with a business plan, staying motivated, and making good spending decisions when receiving loans, you can have the kind of success she has had over the years.

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