Hacks for Single Parent Entrepreneurs to Thrive

There are a lot of things you will need to keep track of as a parent, particularly as a single parent, and how you make money is just one of them. Many people see being a single parent entrepreneur as outside of their reach, but there are some hacks you can use to help you make it big in your own business.

Give It Everything You Have

Chances are that at first, you will need to have a day job or two to pay the bills but investing all the time you can into starting your own business can quickly take away that need. You can even get the kids involved. For instance, if you want to sell music, painting or sculpting, then you can turn your daily practice time into family time. This lets you teach your kids about your art while you are building a product and practicing your craft.

Network Constantly

Networking with others in the field you are trying to break into can give you more than just customer referrals, this can help you learn some industry-specific tips and tricks. Go to trade shows and community activities with a stack of business cards and make sure that the PTA knows how you can help with activities.

Be Visible

Being visible as a single parent entrepreneur means taking advantage of as many forums as you possibly can such as social media, search engines, and blogs. The key is content, you want it to be constant and creative to inspire your fans and followers to share both the content and your information. Ask your kids to help you make a viral video of a family jam session, take pictures of your booth set up for trade shows and engage with your followers.

Invest in Yourself

Your company is going to help you pay for colleges and retirement if you invest in it now to help it grow. This can mean taking out lines of credit to help you get supplies and equipment, it can mean paying for ads online, on the radio or in the newspaper.

Don’t Stop Learning

The more you learn and know, the better your business will grow and the better you can help your kids with homework. Read books about business and your industry, follow role models on social media and learn from those you network with.

Being a single parent entrepreneur is not easy, but it can be worth it if you can follow a few hacks. Keep up on your social media to be visible to customers as well as to learn from, and network with, other entrepreneurs. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of the process.

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