Is Your Office Killing Your Productivity?

You see work as a place where you can get more work done. You are surrounded by like-minded individuals all working for the same employer and towards the same goals. However, you feel like you’re in a funk when it comes to banging out the work, lately. What is it about your office that might be contributing to the demise of your productivity? Take a look around and see if you can spot these mojo-killing culprits.


  1. Are There Plants Around?


Aside from your holiday Christmas tree and a fern up front that has seen better days, there are no plants around. One study suggests that just a few well-placed plants can boost productivity by about 15 percent. The reason? The greenery brings the outdoors in, and even in small doses, it’s enough to make your brain relax. The natural oxygen provided by the plants isn’t a bad thing either.


  1. Does Your Workspace Get Enough Light?


The office is pretty drab with very few windows around. The fluorescent lighting casts a yellowy haze about your workspace and the office as a whole. The brighter the light, the more people are motivated to get to work and perform better. Dull or sparse lighting makes people less satisfied, less enthusiastic and it contributes to a lack of energy. Brightening up your space can work wonders for your productivity.


  1. Are You Too Hot or Too Cold?


Does the office feel more like the tundra, or is it hot and sticky? Temperature is one of the most significant contributing factors to how well people think and perform at the office. If the temperature is too cold, hands may get stiff, and employees may start feeling like they’re stuck in a freezer. However, the warmer an office, the less productive people are due to the uncomfortable heat and general feeling of sleepiness the warmer air induces. Some studies show that the ideal office temperature for boosting employees’ morale and production is about 71 degrees Fahrenheit.


  1. What Colors Do You See?


Colors also play a part in motivating people to work. Different shades tend to stimulate the brain in different ways. Some are better for suppressing hunger while others foster competition and production. Take a look at some of the effects color has on the brain, and if you can’t paint the whole office, at least put splashes of colors in visible spaces.


Getting the most out of your day is essential, and work is at the top of that list. Your work environment does have a profound effect on your productivity. Try and see if you can make small improvements to help boost your mood and output.

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