The Kinds of Buildings Where Real Estate Investors Should be Looking

When you are looking to invest in commercial real estate, it is a good idea to know which types of buildings are the best for your area. Apartment buildings are cropping up in many different places, but not all of them are created equally. You can find the best investment for your capital by factoring in market trends, knowing your audience and thinking small to make big.


Factoring in Market Trends


One of the biggest trends in the housing market is renting. More and more single professionals or families are looking to live close to work and activities. In most cities, this means renting an apartment. When you are looking at the market trends in apartments for your area, it is a good idea to tour some of the open units. This can give you a good idea for what the average apartment is like and why they are, or are not, popular. For instance, if a complex has been around for a while with lots of empty units, then touring one of the apartments can help you find features to avoid in your own development. Knowing the makeup of the renters in your area can help a lot because young singles, growing families and retirees will each have different needs in apartments.


Think Small, Make Big


Commercial real estate is moving towards small. Whether you are looking at a smaller complex or a large one with smaller units, you can be better assured of finding someone to rent to in your area. You can see some of the reasons for this during your market research, but it has to do with the growing population and how people age. For instance, chances are that a young, single, professional will be looking for a smaller space with or without a roommate for lower rent. These professionals will look for larger complexes for being closer to downtown. In contrast, young families will need more space, but will probably prefer smaller complexes in a more suburban environment with space for kids to play.


Commercial real estate benefits from investors doing market research and determining which developments will help the most people. This means factoring in the changing demographic of a city and building apartment complexes to match. Whether you invest in a large complex of small apartments or a small complex for families, you can make big money by thinking small with current market trends.

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